mysafetycloset asked:

I've found asexuals to fall into one of three categories - 1) Pre-sexual people. People who have yet to get comfortable socializing and engaging in their sexuality. 2) Sexual assault victims who are no longer comfortable with sex. 3) Special snowflakes. Kind of a minority who just want to be 'unique', I guess. I fall into category 2, but I don't identify as asexual because I want to work through it. I don't want it to define the rest of my life. Being afraid of intimacy blows.

wtfsocialjustice answered:


I’d say that these categories are prescriptive and stereotypical at worst, and at best missing the very important category of Normal People Who Really Just Don’t Feel Sexual Attraction.

I don’t know every asexual person, obviously, and I’m not gonna say those people don’t exist. I’m sure they do. Just I haven’t met any. It’s been mostly category 1 and 2, and a couple from category 3 who just seemed to be collecting labels they thought were cool regardless of they validity. (Casual sex while asexual, um… I see a flaw there.)




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This is just f’ing beautiful.  It’s all of The Majors!

Fucking kudos to you there, artist.

[Yes, before fans of this blog point it out to me.  I know it’s not ALL of The Majors.  There are a bunch of male guerrilla fighters, Scylla, and that one dude that ran the Solid State that are missing, etc.  But this is at least all of the ‘major’ Majors. ;p   Or to be more precise, it’s ALL of the Motokos.]