1. Mexico, 1927. “Corn, bandolier and sickle”  (photo: Tina Modotti)

2. Mexico, 1928. “Woman with red flag” (photo: Tina Modotti)

3. Spain, 1936. Mari Ginestà, 17, a member of the Juventudes Comunistas, stands armed on the roof of the Colón hotel in Barcelona (photo: Juan Guzman)

4. France, 1938. Strike at Citroën. (photo: Willy Ronis)

5. Greece, c.1941-1944. Partisan girl from Epirus, (photo: Costas Balafas)

6. USSR, 1942. Soviet Partisan girl (photo: Arkady Shaikhet)

7. Mexico, 2007. Zapatista women, La Realidad, Chiapas. (photo: Adrian Mealand)